Automation and API Calls

Know all about PDF4me Automation API Calls that can be used for running document automation using PDF4me Workflows and other 3rd parties integrations.

How to buy PDF4me API Call packages?

You can buy Automation or API Call packages from PDF4me Web for end-users or consumers. The packages are prepaid. API packages can be bought from as low as 100 calls up to 10000 calls.

What is difference between API Call Subscription and API Addons?

PDF4me Automation Calls Subscriptions are monthly plans and monthly billed while addons are calls in prepaid packages or one-time purchases.

How to get PDF4me monthly API Calls Subscription?

PDF4me's Monthly Automation or API call subscriptions available through the PDF4me API Portal specifically designed for Developers and Businesses. You can choose from a range of specially curated monthly Plans starting from 1000 calls up to 25000 calls.

Where to find my API key for Automation?

You have two types of keys based on your API subscription or purchase. If you want a monthly subscription, you can get a key from the If you want prepaid API calls, you can get the API key from

What is the difference in PDF4me API Calls and Automation Calls?

There is no actual difference in PDF4me API Calls or Automation Calls. It's just in the name and based on the purpose of use. The API calls are also used for Automation Integrations, and therefore they are often referred to as Automation calls as well.
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