PDF4me for Zapier

Create Zaps with PDF4me and automate tedious, time consuming document jobs.


Why Zapier?

Zapier is a fast-growing provider of a cloud-based platform that can connect many web-based applications and create workflows that suit your business. PDF4me features, being among those enlisted in Zapier, makes the users of PDF4me or the others develop their document workflow system in a few steps without being self conversant in software programming or coding.

Over 3’000 Apps available

An advantage of going for Zapier as a facility to automate workflows is that you can see a collaboration hub of over 3000 web applications/services. Data transfer across these applications is smooth sailing. There are several opportunities for PDF4me features here to aid document management by business entities. Extend the scope of automating your routine workflows, trying out applications and services that your purpose demands.

No Coding Required

With no particular software coding expertise, we can create workflows automated using Zapier. Use PDF4me features and web services to make zaps of different task scenarios. Irrespective of the type of business, space acts as a junction for integrations and exchange of information.

A trigger or an event to initiate an action that completes a workflow is very important while automating tasks. This information is available as documentation here, with samples to help you kick start the creation of the first workflow.

Available Actions
Actions form an integral part of your Zap. With a full suite of robust actions from PDF4me, you can take full control of your digital documents and create versatile Zaps.
Save time with predefined Templates
The possibilities are limitless when it comes to combining Apps for your document automation. Well, we are here to help you save your valuable time. We publish the most commonly used and searched for templates that are ready to use.

Convert new Podio views to protected PDFs

Set up this integration so that, when new views are created in Podio, you’ll automatically convert them to protected PDF’s with PDF4me. This Zap will then add them to a specified folder in Google Drive. This will enhance your reporting process, click free!

Convert new files in Google Drive

Save yourself from tedious file management tasks with this integration. Once it’s active, this Zap automatically triggers Pdf4me to convert any new files to PDF format as soon as they arrive in your Google Drive.

Convert new DropBox files and add watermarks

Effortlessly manage incoming files with this integration. Set it up so that, as soon as a new file is added to your DropBox account, this Zap automatically enlists PDF4me it convert it to a PDF format with a specified watermark. Effortlessly ensure that your files can’t be misused!

Email new Typeform entries as protected PDF

This TypeForm-PDF4me0Email by Zapier integration solves the problem of accessibility of incoming TypeForm responses when you’re out of the office or away from your computer. Once this Zap is active, each new TypeForms submission will be converted by PDF4me to a PDF with password protection, then sent via custom email to a specified recipient.

One Plan, Many Integrations

With the same PDF4me subscription, connect with multiple workflow automation platforms. Integrate, innovate and automate with the most powerful apps like Microsoft Power Automate, Zapier and more.


An all-in-one solution to manage your document workflows & automation. PDF4me Workflows lets you create simple solutions for your repetitive document jobs with zero-coding.


Create robust document workflows and automate them without complexity. Integrate, innovate and automate with Appy Pie and PDF4me.


Automate your routine document workflows by connecting PDF4me with Make, so you can focus more on growing your business while automation does the heavy lifting for you.

Microsoft Power Automate

Go paperless by automating your mundane and tiresome document jobs with Microsoft Power Automate and PDF4me. Save your valuable time for the most important jobs.


Connect to a powerful set of document management APIs from PDF4me. Find these ready-to-use APIs in the RapidAPI marketplace and stay ahead in your digital document-related development jobs.


Connect and create automated document work flows with zero coding in Zapier with PDF4me. Let the Zaps do the action while you are busy with important tasks.

Hire a PDF Expert!

PDF4me is built with flexibility and extensibility. In case PDF4me is not yet fitting your requirements, don't hesitate to contact us to get a personalized quote for your unique requirement. We also extend and customize existing features to fit your specific needs.

Create an Automation

Repeated calls to use the same PDF4me actions can be a little tedious. We can implement for you an automation flow in Zapier or Power Automate.

Customize a Feature

Should you need a modified version of an existing feature let us know. We can adapt existing features and fine tune them for specific customers.

Add a Feature

If you are missing something in PDF4me but adds value to your PDF or Document flow, reach out to us. Custom specific features can be added and used the same way as other features.

Blog Posts

As the world of documentation is getting digitized at an immense pace, automation of document workflows is becoming highly popular. Gear up with the best knowledge of the possibilities of document automation.