Can I share files processed in PDF4me?

Want to share the files you have converted, merged, or compressed using tools in PDF4me?

Downloading each output file, adding them to a ZIP file, sharing them using third party mail services after attaching them and all is a tedious process.

PDF4me has thought this through to make your file sharing the simplest task. We have integrated various file-sharing mechanisms into all our tool pages. These methods make sharing your documents an easy job.

  • Send as Mail - Once you have completed processing the documents with PDF4me features, in the output window you can find a Mail icon. Click on this icon to update the email details of the person to whom you wish to share these documents. We will ZIP your output files and store on our secured servers and pass it to the Recipient via mail. The recipient can open the mail and download the file using the download link provided in the mail. The file will be saved on our most secured servers for 14 days for them to download it.

  • Shared as a link - In the same output window, you will find Link Icon using which you can copy a link for your file download, which you can share across to someone for downloading it. In this case, also we will safely store your document on our server for 14 days for the download.

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