General Guidelines

Getting Started with API Portal

PDF4me’s API Calls or Automation calls are the fuel for creating robust and powerful workflows to automate your document jobs. It lets you smoothly access various document generation and management features provided by PDF4me.

You will require these automation calls to run your PDF4me integrations with no-code platforms like Power Automate, Zapier, AppyPie, and Make. You would need a subscription or buy a prepaid plan to get access to these API calls. You will also be able to try the PDF4me features with a free trial. We will guide you on how to do this.

Get a PDF4me Trial Key

Login or Register link of PDF4me
  • Enter your email and choose a strong password
    You can also use Google, Microsoft, Apple, or Facebook login.
Login or Register window of PDF4me

For signing up, select the Register link below the Login button. You will be redirected to the Registration page.

Rgistration window for entering basic details
  • For starting a Free Trial, in the Billing Info please choose the Start Free Trial button. As soon as the free trial is activated, you will be automatically redirected to the Dashboard.
Start Free Trial button in PDF4me

You will be able to find your API Key for authorizing PDF4me APIs for trying out your various integrations and automation.

PDF4me Free Trial Key from Dashboard

Starting a Subscription

While Registering

During the registration process, you will be able to select or change a Subscription Plan from the right pane of the registration Window.

Change plan from the account page or dashboard

From the Dashboard

You can go to the Subscription Menu in the Dashboard and change or upgrade your Plan if you are a Free Trial or existing user.

Change PDF4me subscription from Dashboard

Buying Prepaid Plans

While Registering

You will be able to choose a Prepaid Plan instead of a recurring subscription from the right pane of the Billing Info page during the registration process.

Choose a PDF4me Prepaid Plan while registering

From Dashboard Page

You can go to the Subscription Menu in the Dashboard and buy additional prepaid calls for top-up using the Buy more calls button in the Automation Calls card.

Buy additional PDF4me API calls