Sign PDF

Sign PDF is a type of business process that includes steps to formally approve or reject documents from different levels of the organization. The approvers will get email notification and they can decide whether the documents should be approved or rejected, it also provides option to add signature and comments.


Single PDF Document


Approved or rejected PDF document with feedback


StepNameString, Required

Provide unique name for each step

EmailString, Required

Approver’s email address for sending the document for approval process

Default: true

User can define custom expression to enable or disable the step

SubjectString, Required

Set subject for the email

Body TextString

Set your custom text message for the email body

Continue workflow using approval status

After reviewing the document, the approver has the right to approve or reject the document with signature and comments. We can use the approval status of the document (approved / rejected) for the subsequent steps which determines the step has to be executed or not.

To access approval status and comments please use the following syntax. Here ‘StepName’ is the unique name for each step.

step.{StepName}.approved boolean

True - approved
False - rejected

Eg : step.Sign01.approved



Eg : step.Sign01.comment

Sign PDF