PDF to Excel

Converts the PDF file to Excel. Data from PDF files can be converted to excel sheets with more accuracy. PDF to Excel conversion is calculated as two API costs per page.


NameString, Required

Filename including extension.

DocumentBuffer, Required

PDF File on which should be converted to Excel. The file should always be PDF. The file should be passed as a binary file.

Quality TypeOption, Required
Default: Expert

Standard (draft)- Suitable for normal PDFs, consumes 1 API call per file
Expert (high) - Suitable for PDFs generated from Images and scanned documents. Consumes 2 API calls per page

OCR Only When NeededBoolean, Required
Default: No

Set ‘Yes’ to skip doing recognition if the text is already searchable


Specify the language of the text in the source file. Only use if the output is not recognizable

Merge All SheetsBoolean, Required
Default: No

Merge data into a single sheet



The name of the output file.

Doc DataBuffer

The output document in Base64 format.

PDF to Excel module in Make