Split PDF by Swiss QR

Split PDF using the swiss QR contained in them. Automate the detection and splitting using the Swiss-compliant QR using this action.


FileFile, Required

Map the PDF File to be split using the Swiss QR code. The file should always be PDF. A URL containing a file can also be passed as a parameter.

File NameString, Required

You can specify a file name. Otherwise, the name will be picked from the File field. This field will be set as the file name for the output file.

Split Barcode PageOption, Required

Choose how to split the document -

  • Before the Barcode
  • After the Barcode
PDF Render DPIOption, Required

Render PDF DPI values. Valid values-

  • 100
  • 150
  • 200
  • 250
Combine pages with same barcodes.Boolean

Any pages having consecutively the same barcode texts will be merged as a single document

Return as ZipBoolean

Return the output files in a Zip



The name of the output file.

DocumentsArray of object

The Document is an array, this array contains the document which has been split. The output PDF can be found in the Doc Data in Base64 format.

Split PDF by Swiss QR action in Zapier