Compress PDF

The action can be used to compress a pdf file to smaller files. In case, a file selected for compression is not a PDF, it would first do a conversion to PDF and then compress. Various compression profiles are available to suit the needs of the user. You can check profiles details that suit your needs


FileFile, Required

Map the PDF file to be compressed. The file uploaded can also be Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or image files.

File NameString

You can specify the file name. Otherwise, the name will be picked from the File field. But if uploading a non-PDF, please specify a file name. This will perform conversion to PDF before compression. Otherwise, the compress action will fail.

Compression TypeOption, Required

Select the type of compression. The allowed values are

  • Maximum Compression: small size, short download, a fast display, compressed images (may lead to loss of information)
  • For Web: fast display in browser. does not compress images much.
  • For Print: correct fonts, right color scheme, suitable resolution. Compression is suitable while printing documents. minor loss in image dpi



PDF File that is compressed

File NameString

File Name without extension

Full File NameString

File Name with extension

File ExtensionString

File Extension